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Table 1 Intra- and interobserver characteristics

From: Preoperative diastolic function predicts the onset of left ventricular dysfunction following aortic valve replacement in high-risk patients with aortic stenosis

Characteristics Intra-observer variability Inter-observer variability
E wave 7.8 8.7
A wave 8.1 9.4
Deceleration time 8.9 9.6
PV S 7.1 8.2
PV D 8.3 9.1
E' wave lateral 7.9 8.8
A' wave lateral 8.1 9.2
E' wave septal 9.4 11.6
A' wave septal 9.7 10.9
Vp 3.2 4.8
  1. PV S, peak systolic velocity of pulmonary venous flow; PV D, peak diastolic velocity of pulmonary venous flow; E, peak early mitral inflow; A, late mitral inflow; DT, deceleration time; E' and A', early and late diastolic annular velocities, Vp, transmitral flow velocity