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Table 2 Bias and 95% limits of agreement of variables derived from femoral and jugular transpulmonary thermodilution

From: Transpulmonary thermodilution using femoral indicator injection: a prospective trial in patients with a femoral and a jugular central venous catheter

TPTD fem vs. jug Bias 95% limits of agreement Percentage error
GEDVIfem vs. GEDVIjug +241 mL/m2 -9 mL/m2
+491 mL/m2
EVLWIfem vs. EVLWIjug +0.83 mL/kg -2.61 mL/kg
+4.28 mL/kg
CIfem vs. CIjug +0.29 L/min/m2 -0.40 L/min/m2
+0.97 L/min/m2
  1. TPTD, transpulmonary thermodilution; GEDVIfem, femoral global end-diastolic volume index; GEDVIjug, jugular global end-diastolic volume index; EVLWIfem, femoral extra-vascular lung water index; EVLWIjug, jugular extra-vascular lung water index; CIfem, femoral cardiac index; CIjug, jugular cardiac index.