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Table 2 Strategies to improve autopsy rate

From: Clinical review: What is the role for autopsy in the ICU?

Efforts by the pathological department
   Coordinate autopsies with the schedules of requesting physicians
   Faster processing of the autopsy reports
   Provision of resources for performing autopsies
   Creation of regional autopsy centres
Provides opportunities to improve autopsy quality
Develops strategies for using autopsy results to improve clinical performance
Improvement of training for pathology residents
Better education of medical students
   Quality control of performed autopsies (different pathologists interpreting the same autopsy specimens) in order to improve diagnostic value
   Provide opportunities to improve autopsy quality by specialization
Efforts by physicians
   Allow physicians complete discretion in requesting autopsies (arbitrary sampling as a result will augment the numbers of important misdiagnoses)
   Analyse data from regional centres to identify patterns of missed diagnoses and to generate prediction rules that would enhance the process of case selection
   Augment autopsy numbers with widespread use of structured death reviews and structured reports of epidemiological statistics on various diseases encountered in the ICU
   Communicate the conclusion of the autopsy report to the relatives
Efforts by both departments
   Clinicopathological conferences on a monthly basis attended by the treating intensivist, the radiologist and the pathologist
   Interesting cases should be published with the aim of education and improving knowledge of epidemiology