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Table 5 Mechanical circulatory support used in the three clinical heart failure scenarios

From: Clinical review: Practical recommendations on the management of perioperative heart failure in cardiac surgery

Clinical scenarios Commonly used devices
Precardiotomy HF IABP
  Micro-axial flow pumpa
  Percutaneous (transfemoral) ECMO
  LA femoral artery centrifugal pumpb
Failure to wean from CPB IABP
  Micro-axial flow pumpa
  Centrifugal pumps as LVAD, RVAD, BVAD
  Percutaneous pulsatile devices as LVAD, RVAD, BVADc
  Long-term implantable devices
Postcardiotomy HF IABP
  Micro-axial flow pump
  Centrifugal pumpsd as LVAD, RVAD, BVAD
  Percutaneous pulsatile devicesc as LVAD, RVAD, BVAD
  Long-term implantable devices first, second and third generation
  1. aImpella; bTandemHeart; cAbiomed BVS 5000, AB 5000; Thoratec PVAD, Berlin Heart EXCOR; dCentrimag Levitronix, Biomedicus Medtronic etc. ll devices except those specified as long term are for short-term support. BVAD, bi-ventricular assist device; CPB, cardiopulmonary bypass; ECMO, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation; HF, heart failure; IABP, intra-aortic balloon pump; LA, left atrial; LVAD, left ventricular assist device; PVAD, paracorporeal ventricular assist device; RVAD, right ventricular assist device.