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Table 3 Measurement of the cuff leak volume in mechanically ventilated patients

From: Clinical review: Post-extubation laryngeal edema and extubation failure in critically ill adult patients

Before performing the cuff leak test, first suction endotracheal and oral secretions and set the ventilator in the assist control mode.
With the cuff inflated, record displayed inspiratory and expiratory tidal volumes to see whether these are similar.
Deflate the cuff.
Directly record the expiratory tidal volume over the next six breathing cycles as the expiratory tidal volume will reach a plateau value after a few cycles.
Average the three lowest values.
The difference between the inspiratory tidal volume (measured before the cuff was deflated) and the averaged expiratory tidal volume is the cuff leak volume.
  1. Edited from Miller and Cole [27].