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Figure 2

From: Cost-effectiveness of micafungin as an alternative to fluconazole empiric treatment of suspected ICU-acquired candidemia among patients with sepsis: a model simulation

Figure 2

Tornado diagram. The solid vertical line represents the total incremental lifetime costs per quality-adjusted life year (QALY) for survivors using micafungin compared with fluconazole as empiric treatment of suspected intensive care unit (ICU)-acquired candidemia as calculated in the base case scenario. The horizontal bars represent the range of this difference when the corresponding single input is varied across its designated range with all other input parameters held constant. All costs inflated to 2008 $US using medical component of the consumer product index; a 3% annual discount applied. BSI = blood stream infection; C&S = culture and sensitivity; CG = Candida glabrata; CK = Candida krusei, MYC = micafungin.

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