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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of the patient population after multiple injury

From: Early down-regulation of the pro-inflammatory potential of monocytes is correlated to organ dysfunction in patients after severe multiple injury: a cohort study

Patient number NISS MODS score
Admission, 24 hours, 72 hours
Outcome after 90 days Injury pattern
I 33 4 3 2 neurological deficits upper extremity subtotal amputation upper limb, bilateral pulmonary contusion, minor scalp laceration
II 33 3 5 2 deceased due to MOF moderate HI, pulmonary contusion, subtotal amputation lower extremity
III 20 6 8 5 complete recovery pulmonary contusion, blunt abdominal trauma
IV 17 2 3 1 complete recovery minor HI, pulmonary contusion, fx upper extremity, multiple fx lower ext.
V 22 2 4 3 complete recovery displaced trimalleolar fx, unilateral pulmonary contusion, lumbar vertebral body fx
VI 24 4 6 3 rehabilitation hospital minor HI, pulmonary contusion, serial rib fx, pelvic fx
VII 29 5 5 2 complete recovery bilateral pulmonary contusion, serial rib fx, sinistral femur shaft fx, III open tibia fx
VIII 57 6 8 7 neurological deficits due to HI severe HI, pulmonary contusion, cardiac contusion, serial rib fx, cervical spine fx, liver rupture
IX 34 3 5 3 disabled by missing right upper extremity, no neurological deficits moderate HI, pulmonary contusion, cervical spine fx, traumatic amputation in the upper extremity shoulder joint, open book pelvic fx, multiple fx lower extremities
X 36 5 8 5 disabled by significant neurological deficits due to the brain injury severe HI, intracerebral bleeding, bilateral pulmonary contusion, sinistral serial rib fx C2-10, hemopneumothorax, spleen hematoma
XI 34 6 8 4 complete recovery thoracic trauma, cardiac contusion, blunt abdominal trauma, liver rupture, renal contusion, cervical spine fx, bilateral fx upper extremities
XII 41 4 6 3 disabled by significant neurological deficits due to the brain injury moderate HI, cranial fx (Le fort III), pulmonary contusion, serial rib fx, pelvic fx, multiple open fx lower extremities
XIII 38 4 7 4 physical therapy moderate HI, cranial fx (Le fort III), lower limb fx
  1. Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS) score was calculated on admission (adm), 24 hours, and 72 hours after injury. NISS = New Injury Severity Score; MOF = multiple organ failure; HI = head injury; fx = fracture.