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Figure 6

From: Effects of steroids on reintubation and post-extubation stridor in adults: meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials

Figure 6

Risk for post-extubation stridor according to the timing steroid administration initiation before extubation in unselected patients. Risk ratios of post-extubation stridor rate for the individual randomised controlled trials comparing steroids with control groups and the pooled analysis. Vertical line = 'no difference' point between the two groups; squares = odds ratios (the size of each square denotes the proportion of information given by each trial); diamonds = pooled odds ratios for randomized controlled trials for which steroid administration was started less than two hours before planned extubation (upper) and trials for which steroid administration was started at least four hours (ranged 4 to 24 hours) before planned extubation (lower); horizontal lines = 95% confidence intervals (CI). CLV = cuff-leak volume.

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