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Table 2 Patients' experiences of intensive care: main themes of the study

From: What patients think about ICU follow-up services: a qualitative study

Reasons for admission
Emergency admissions
Planned admissions
Coming round and regaining consciousness
Sleep, dreams and hallucinations
Intensive care treatments
Emotional experiences in the intensive care unit (ICU)
Nursing care in ICU
Death and bereavement
High dependency units (HDU)
Experiences in the general ward
The general ward: care and environment
Physical and emotional experiences
Physiotherapy on the ward
Discharge and moving on
Recovering at home
Physical recovery
Emotional aspects of recovery
Making sense of what happened
   Information for people admitted to ICU for emergency treatment
   Information: planned admissions
ICU follow-up care
Attitudes to life during and after recovery
Effects on family
Effects on work
Sources of support
Messages to others