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Table 2 Markers and cytokines levels

From: Effects of antithrombin III (ATIII) treatment (high dose) in severe pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome with alterations of coagulation inhibitors and inflammatory markers: a preliminary report

  Levels at Admission Levels after
  (n=7) ATIII treatment (n=7)
IL1β (pg/mL) 7.11(3.33-7.52) 3.43*(2.11-6.06)
IL6 (pg/mL) 8.75(3.67-8.08) 4.23*(2.55-7.02)
TNFα (pg/mL) 21.2(18.8-33.6) 18.1*(11.3-19.9)
Fibronectin (μ g/ml) 592(497-701) 444*(417-490)
AT III (%) 52(38-62) 91** (78-96)
  1. IL=Interleukin; TNFα =tumor necrosis factor α ; AT III=antithrombin III; PC=Protein C. Data are presented as median concentration (range).*P<0.01 compared with levels at admission (Mann Whitney U test).**P<0.001 compared with levels at admission (Mann Whitney U test).