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Table 1 Clinical data

From: Effects of antithrombin III (ATIII) treatment (high dose) in severe pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome with alterations of coagulation inhibitors and inflammatory markers: a preliminary report

  Severe HELLP
  Preeclampsia Syndrome
  (n=4) (n=3)
Age(y) 28.2(5.9) 29.1(4.8)
Diastolic pressure 98(9) 101(6)
AST/ALT (IU) (Admission) 29/22 201/158
AST/ALT (IU) (Peak) 49/31 451/254
Proteinuria (dipstick) 1+/2+ 3+/4+
Gestational age at admission (w) 33.1(0.2) 32.8(0.2)
Gestational age at delivery (w) 33.2(0.2) 33.1(0.2)
  1. Data were presented as mean(± sd).