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Table 2 Clinical definitions for organ failure and shock

From: Prospectively validated predictions of shock and organ failure in individual septic surgical patients: the Systemic Mediator Associated Response Test

Clinical entity Definition
Shock Systolic blood pressure = 90 mmHg or mean
  = 70 mmHg, or need for vasopressors
Renal Serum creatine = 2.0 mg/dl, the need for dialysis, or
dysfunction increase in serum creatine = 20 mg/dl above
  pre-existing normal
Hepatic Two or more of the following: serum bilirubin
dysfunction = 25 mg/dl; alanine aminotransferase or aspartate
  aminotransferase = 2 times normal; and prothrombin
  time = 1.5 times normal
DIC Two or more of the following: prothrombin or partial
  thromboplastin time = 1.2 times normal; platelet count
  = 100 000 mm5; and fibrin split products or D-dimer
  > 0.5 mg/l
ARDS Lung injury score = 7 [20]
Cerebral Glasgow Coma Scale score < 11