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Table 1 Patient variables evaluated as possible predictors of maintenance fluid requirement.

From: An artificial intelligence tool to predict fluid requirement in the intensive care unit: a proof-of-concept study

General demographics Age
Physiological variables Blood pressure
  Heart rate
Variables that affect and/or represent total body water Total fluid input during the first 24 hours
  Total fluid output during the first 24 hours
  Serum creatinine, as a surrogate marker of kidney function
  Serum sodium
Variables that affect insensible fluid loss Body surface area
Variables that reflect severity of illness Serum albumin
  Serum lactate
  Maximum number of vasopressors and inotropes
  Maximum number of sedatives and narcotic agents
  Serum bilirubin
  Platelet count
  PaO2:FiO2 ratio
  1. FiO2 = fraction of inspired oxygen; PaO2 = partial pressure of oxygen in arterial blood.