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Table 1 Grading for the Airway Care Score.

From: A prospective trial of elective extubation in brain injured patients meeting extubation criteria for ventilatory support: a feasibility study

Grading Cough to suction Sputum quantity Sputum character Sputum viscosity Suctioning frequency
0 Vigorous None Clear Watery > 3 hours
1 Moderate 1 pass Tan Frothy Every 2 to 3 hours
2 Weak 2 passes Yellow Thick Every 1 to 2 hours
3 None ≥ 3 passes Green Tenacious < Every 1 hour
  1. Passes refers to number of passes of a suctioning catheter that is required to clear the endotracheal tube of secretions. The total score is the summation of all grades.