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Table 1 Relevant functional parameters of adenosine receptors

From: Bench-to-bedside review: Adenosine receptors – promising targets in acute lung injury?

  A1 A2A A2B A3
Coupled G proteins Gi, Go Gs, Golf, G15/16 Gs, Gq Gi, Gq
Intracellular messengers ↓ cAMP ↑ cAMP ↑ cAMP ↓ cAMP
  ↑ IP3/DAG ↑ IP3 ↑ IP3/DAG ↑ IP3/DAG
  ↑ Arachidonate    
  ↑ PEtOH    
Selected biologic functions Bradycardia Antinociception Ischemic preconditioning ↓ Lipolysis, ↓ Glomerular filtration ↓ Platelet aggregation Vasodilation Protection against ischemic damage Relaxation of vascular smooth muscle cells Stimulation of mast cell mediator release ↑ Mediator release from mast cells (mice) Preconditioning
Potencya (EC50 [μmol/l]) 0.31 0.73 23.5 0.29
  1. aPotency as reflected by intracellular cAMP levels. Adapted from [8, 9, 18, 55]. DAG, diacylglycerol; ED50, 50% effective dose; IP3, inositoltriphosphate; PetOH, phosphatidylethanol.