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Table 1 Total antioxidant micronutrient doses in supplements during the first 5 days

From: Influence of early antioxidant supplements on clinical evolution and organ function in critically ill cardiac surgery, major trauma, and subarachnoid hemorrhage patients

Micronutrient Days 1 and 2 Days 3–5
Zinc, mg 60 30
Selenium, μg 540.4 270.2
Vitamin C, mg 2,700a 1,600a
Vitamin B1, mg 305a 102.5
Vitamin E enteral, mg 600 300
Vitamin E iv, mg 12.8 6.4
  1. aIncludes the standard supplementation policy that was provided to both groups (500 mg vitamin C/day for 5 days and 100 mg vitamin B1/day for 3 days). iv, intravenously.