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Table 1 Pre-endoscopic variables that may risk-stratify patients with gastrointestional hemorrhage

From: Clinical risk stratification for gastrointestinal hemorrhage: still no consensus

B Base-deficit abnormal
A A ntiplatelet or A nticoagulation agents being taken by patient
D D ecrease in serial hematocrit measurements
U U rine output impaired
P P resyncope or syncope
P P ostural hypotension
E E lectrocardiogram with ischemic changes
R R educed central venous pressure (ultrasound or via catheter)
L L actic acidosis
O O rgan failure
W Low w edge pressure (echocardiogram or via catheter)
E E levated shock index
R R acing tachycardic heart
G G eriatric patient
I Strong i on difference
B Ongoing b leeding
L L ow blood pressure
E E levated coagulation factors
E E rratic mental status
D Comorbid d isease
  1. Adapted from Kollef and colleagues [2].