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Table 4 Hospital mortality of patients requiring ICU admission due to ward cardiac arrest and ICU readmission*

From: Introduction of Medical Emergency Teams in Australia and New Zealand: a multi-centre study

Outcome measure Percentage survival in the year before MET introduction, mean (SD) Percentage survival in the year after MET introduction, mean (SD) P value
Cardiac arrests admitted from ward to ICU 37.9 (30.6) 38.3 (27.0) 0.779
ICU readmissions following ICU discharge 79.4 (16.2) 77.5 (20.8) 0.808
  1. ICU, intensive care unit; MET, Medical Emergency Team; SD, standard deviation.
  2. *Data from the 12 months before and after introduction of an MET service into 29 hospitals in Australia and New Zealand