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Table 1 Unit costs

From: Outcomes and costs of blunt trauma in England and Wales

Cost component Unit or duration (min) Unit cost (£) Source and notes
Mode of arrival at hospital    
   Ambulance Cost per minute 5.50 Curtis and Netten (p. 112) [16]
    Cost per minute of emergency ambulance service
   Helicopter Mean cost per patient journey 1,650 London Air Ambulance website
    Mean cost per mission
Hospital stay    
   Accident and emergency department Mean cost per attender 278 Department of Health [17]
    Mean cost per attender across all accident and emergency Healthcare Resource Groups
   General ward Mean cost per day 281 Department of Health [17]
    Mean national average unit cost per day across all nonelective Healthcare Resource Groups
   Critical care unit Mean cost per day 1,328 Department of Health [17]
    Mean cost per day in intensive care unit/intensive therapy unit
Surgical proceduresa    
   Open reduction and internal fixation 126 1,597 Trauma Audit Research Network, National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence [18]
   Nail insertion 168 1,861  
   Wound debridement 139 1,680  
   Manipulation of bone 69 1,230  
   Screw insertion 111 1,499  
   External fixation 147 1,731  
   Evacuation of extradural haematoma/subdural haematoma 138 1,673  
   K-wire insertion 102 1,443  
   Intercranial pressure monitor 97 1,410  
   Craniotomy 175 1,906  
  1. aDetails reported for the 10 most common procedures only; 103 procedures are included in the analysis. The duration and unit cost range from 10 minutes and £852 for gastroscopy to 475 minutes and £3,828 for escharatomy. The duration (min) for each procedure was computed internally using the Trauma Audit Research Network database. The unit costs were then computed by multiplying the duration by the variable cost per minute from National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence and adding a fixed cost per procedure also taken from National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence [18]. This method has been used in previous UK cost analyses of trauma care [19]>.