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Table 4 Mean lengths of stay for delirious and non-delirious patients (CAM-ICU) and the four categories of the NEECHAM Confusion Scale

From: A comparison of the CAM-ICU and the NEECHAM Confusion Scale in intensive care delirium assessment: an observational study in non-intubated patients

CAM-ICU Mean length of stay in days (SD) P valuea NEECHAM scale Mean length of stay in days (SD) P valueb
Delirium 17.5 (14.5) <0.001 Delirium 18.5 (15.1) <0.001
    Mild confusion 7.0 (6.1)  
No delirium 5.0 (5.9)   At risk 4.0 (2.7)  
    Normal 2.8 (1.6)  
  1. aP value was calculated with the independent t test. bP value was calculated with one-way analysis of variance. CAM-ICU, Confusion Assessment Method for the Intensive Care Unit; NEECHAM, Neelon and Champagne; SD, standard deviation.