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Table 3 Proposed ventilator settings and monitoring for noninvasive positive pressure ventilation

From: Noninvasive positive pressure ventilation as treatment for acute respiratory failure in critically ill patients

  Initial setting Treatment setting
Continuous positive airway pressure 0 cmH2O Slowly increased to 3-5 cmH2O,
   (up to 8-10 cmH2O in hypoxaemic patients)
Pressure support ventilation 10 cmH2O Increased to obtain a TVe>7 ml/kg and
   respiratory rate <25 breaths/min
Fractional inspired oxygen Titrated to achieve SAT >90% Titrated to achieve SAT >90%
Mask application Mask gently held on patient's face, until Secure the mask with head straps
  comfort and synchrony with the ventilator  
  are reached  
Monitoring SAT, heart rate, respiratory rate, arterial SAT, heart rate, respiratory rate, arterial
  pressure, electrocardiogram pressure, electrocardiogram
  1. TVe, expiratory tidal volume; SAT, saturation ofoxygen.