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Table 5 Multiple logistic regression analysis of variables associated with mortality

From: Usefulness of open lung biopsy in mechanically ventilated patients with undiagnosed diffuse pulmonary infiltrates: influence of comorbidities and organ dysfunction

Variable P Odds ratio 95% CI
CCS 0.049 1.74 1.002–3.01
Number of organ dysfunctions 0.036 5.24 1.11–24.72
PaO2/FiO2 ratioon day of OLB 0.018 0.98 0.957–0.996
  1. Only regressions with P < 0.05 are shown; all regression models include age, Charlson age–comorbidity score (CCS), number of organ dysfunctions on the day of open lung biopsy (OLB), PaO2/FiO2 ratioon the day of OLB, days from mechanical ventilation to OLB, OLB-initiated treatment change, and development of mechanical complications after OLB. CI, confidence interval.