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Table 4 Reported adverse events

From: Surfactant therapy for acute respiratory failure in children: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Trial Adverse events reported
  Surfactant (n = 157) Control (n = 150)
Luchetti, 1998 'No adverse haemodynamic effects were noted' 'No complications were reported in either group'
  'No complications were reported in either group'  
Willson, 1999 One with transient bronchospam One with air leak
  Two with air leaks One with air leak and pulmonary interstitial emphysema
  One with pulmonary interstitial emphysema One plugged endotracheal tube
Tibby, 2000 'No complications were noted after surfactant administration' Not reported
Luchetti, 2002 'No complications due to the treatment were observed in the surfactant-treated group' '... no complications were found in the control group'
Moller, 2003 'No treatment associated adverse events were observed in the surfactant group; however, the expected risk of intermittent obstruction of the endotracheal tube with a short time deterioration on oxygenation was observed in 3 patients' Not reported
Willson, 2005 Hypotension 9% Hypotension 1%
  Transient hypoxia 12% Transient hypoxia 3%
  Air leaks 13% Air leaks 16%
  Nosocomial pneumonia 6% Nosocomial pneumonia 11%