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Table 3 Multivariable analysis (stepwise forward logistic regression) for MICPB impact on outcome variables

From: Minimally invasive cardiopulmonary bypass: does it really change the outcome?

Outcome variable OR
(95% CI)
P value Adjusted for
Early extubation 1.34
0.27 Age, recent MI, serum creatinine value, fast-track program
Early ICU discharge 1.31
0.001 Gender, ejection fraction, serum creatinine value,
unstable angina, cerebrovascular accident,
CPB duration, fast-track program
Early hospital discharge 1.46
0.001 Gender, recent MI, serum creatinine value,
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, CPB duration,
lowest temperature on CPB, fast-track program
Postoperative intra-aortic balloon pump 0.7
0.17 Age, ejection fraction, recent MI, CPB duration,
lowest hematocrit on CPB
Atrial fibrillation 0.83
0.049 Gender, ejection fraction, preoperative hematocrit
Ventricular arrhythmias 0.45
0.001 Ejection fraction, serum creatinine value
Cardiac arrest 0.15
0.002 Congestive heart failure
  1. CI, confidence interval; CPB, cardiopulmonary bypass; ICU, intensive care unit; MI, myocardial infarction; MICPB, minimally invasive cardiopulmonary bypass; OR, odds ratio.