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Table 3 Value of 'asking one question' and 'reading the informative leaflet or asking one question' to recall the clinical trial

From: Informed consent for research obtained during the intensive care unit stay


OR, complete versus incomplete recall



Positive predictive value

Negative predictive value

Likelihood ratio

Asked one question

5.3 (1.3–21)

0.57 (0.29–0.82)

0.80 (0.61–0.92)

0.57 (0.29–0.82)

0.80 (0.61–0.92)


Read leaflet or asked one question

8.7 (1.0–75)

0.93 (0.66–1.00)

0.40 (0.23–0.59)

0.42 (0.25–0.61)

0.92 (0.64–1.00)


  1. OR, odds ratio. In the complete recall group, patients able to mention their study participation and the two clinical trial components; in the incomplete recall group, patients were unable to mention their clinical trial participation or one of the clinical trial components. Figures in parentheses are 95% confidence intervals.