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Table 2 Table 2

From: Coagulation abnormalities in critically ill patients

Test result Cause
PT prolonged, aPTT normal Factor VII deficiency
  Mild vitamin K deficiency
  Mild liver insufficiency
  Low doses of vitamin K antagonists
PT normal, aPTT prolonged Factor VIII, IX, or XI deficiency
  Use of unfractionated heparin
  Inhibiting antibody and/or anti-phospholipid antibody
  Factor XII or prekallikrein deficiency (no relevance for in vivo coagulation)
Both PT and aPTT prolonged Factor X, V, II or fibrinogen deficiency
  Severe vitamin K deficiency
  Use of vitamin K antagonists
  Global clotting factor deficiency
     Synthesis: liver failure
     Loss: massive bleeding
     Consumption: DIC
  1. aPTT, activated partial thromboplastin time; PT, prothrombin time.