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Table 4 Summary of the complications noted in randomized clinical trials of kinetic bed therapy

From: Kinetic bed therapy to prevent nosocomial pneumonia in mechanically ventilated patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Study Complications
  Kinetic bed therapy group Control group
Ahrens [17] 21/118 patients were not tolerant of the bed NR
Bhazad [29] NR NR
Kirschenbaum [23] 6/17 developed pressure ulcers 5/20 developed pressure ulcers
Macintyre [7] 1/53 patients were intolerant of the bed  
  10% unplanned extubation 2% unplanned extubation
  2% loss of vascular lines 0% loss of vascular lines
  11% cardiac arrest 2% cardiac arrest
  23% new arrhythmia 14% new arrhythmia
  11% urinary tract infection 27% urinary tract infection
Gietzen [30] NR NR
Traver [27] NR NR
Whiteman [29] 5/33 patients were not tolerant of the bed NR
  2/33 patients complained of neck or back stiffness  
deBloisbanc [19] 3/51 patients were not tolerant of the bed NR
Nelson [24] NR NR
Shapiro [25] 4/16 patients were not tolerant of the bed NR
Clemmer [18] NR NR
Fink [21] 13/51 patients taken off the kinetic therapy bed due to problems with skeletal traction, increased intracranial pressure, compression of unstable facial fractures or intolerance NR
Demarest [20] NR NR
Summer [26] 1/41 facial ulcer NR
  1/41 frequent premature ventricular contractions with turning  
Gentilello [22] Decubitus ulcers 29.6% Decubitus ulcers 26.3%
  1. NR, not reported.