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Table 4 The intensive care unit anemia score

From: Predicting late anemia in critical illness

Risk factor Pointsc
Abnormal lactatea (> 1.5 mg/dl) 6
Inotropic support 5
Surgical patient 11
Non-emergent surgery 5
Each g/dl of hemoglobin less than 14 g/dla,b 3
  1. aCalculated as the worst value at 6 hours after admission to intensive care unit. bIf baseline hemoglobin is 14 g/dl or more, the deficit is 0. cFor example, a surgical patient (11 points) with a lactate concentration of 4.0 g/dl (6 points) and a hemoglobin level of 9 g/dl (15 points) earns 32 points. From Figure 3, this corresponds to a risk of late anemia of 42.4%.