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Table 3 Vasoactive drugs utilized in treating sepsis-induced hypoperfusion

From: Hemodynamic optimization of sepsis-induced tissue hypoperfusion

Drug Dosage Comments
Dobutamine 1–40 μg/kg per min Strong inotropic effect may produce vasodilation; utilized as pure inotrope agent.
   Causes tachycardia
Dopamine 1–20 μg/kg per min Effects vary with dose. Predominantly vasoconstrictor with positive inotropy.
   Causes tachycardia. Effects on renal vasculature are not protective against renal failure
Epinephrine 1–20 μg/min Strong inotropic, chronotropic, and vasoconstrictor.
   Concerns about ischemia and splanchnic circulation
Norepinephrine 0.03–1.5 μg/kg per min Strong vasoconstrictor with modest effect on contractility. Does not produce tachycardia
Phenylephrine 0.5–8 μg/kg per min Pure vasoconstrictor. No effect on contractility or heart rate
Vasopressin 0.01–0.04 U/min Not recommended as first-line agent. Increases blood pressure; may cause splanchnic and cardiac ischemia