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Table 2 Transport characteristics of included studies

From: Outcomes of interfacility critical care adult patient transport: a systematic review

Study n Transport provider Indication for transport Transport method Transport distance/timea Transport team
Barillo et al. (1997) [28] 146 Public Need for investigation and/or specialist facilities Air ambulance (fixed wing > 150 miles; helicopter < 150 miles) Helicopter (100 miles); fixed wing (912 miles) Burn surgeon, ICU RN, RT, and medical technician
Remond et al. (1998) [29] 10 Not reported Not reported Ground ambulance 117 minutes Not reported
Orf et al. (2000) [30] 15 Private Not reported Helicopter Not reported RN and paramedic
Uusaro et al. (2002) [31] 66 Not reported Need for investigation and/or specialist facilities Ground ambulance 161 km (median); 161 minutes (median) Intensivist, RN, and 2 paramedics
Veldman et al. (2004) [32] 8 Private Repatriation; need for investigation and/or specialist facilities Commercial airline 1,700-10,280 nautical miles; 250-1,315 minutes MD and RN
  1. aMean transport distance and time are reported unless otherwise specified. ICU, intensive care unit; MD, medical doctor; RN, registered nurse; RT, respiratory therapist.