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Table 1 Characteristics of included studies

From: Outcomes of interfacility critical care adult patient transport: a systematic review

Study n Country Study duration Study design Diagnoses
Barillo et al. (1997) [28] 146 USA Nov 1987 to Sept 1994 Retrospective case series Smoke inhalation
      Facial burn/injury
      Respiratory failure from other causes
Remond et al. (1998) [29] 10 France July 1996 to Sept 1997 Prospective case series Meningitis
      Gas gangrene
      Post-operative respiratory failure
      Carbon monoxide poisoning
      Liver transplantation
Orf et al. (2000) [30] 15 USA Not reported Prospective case series Traumatic brain injury
Uusaro et al. (2002) [31] 66 Finland 1993 to 1999 Retrospective case series Acute respiratory distress syndrome
      Respiratory failure from other causes
Veldman et al. (2004) [32] 8 Germany Not reported Retrospective case series Pneumonia
      Guillain-Barre syndrome
      Intracranial tumor
      Intracranial hemorrhage
      Acute respiratory distress syndrome
      Anoxic brain injury
      Neurodegenerative disease