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Table 2 Grading system

From: Clinical review: A systematic review of corticosteroid use in infections

Grading of recommendations A Supported by at least two level I investigations
  B Supported by one level I investigation
  C Supported by level II investigations only
  D Supported by at least one level III investigation
  E Supported by level IV or V evidence
Grading of evidence I Evidence is based on randomised controlled trials (or meta-analysis of such trials) of adequate size to ensure a low risk of incorporating false-positive (alpha) or false-negative (beta) results
  II Evidence is based on randomised controlled trials that are too small to provide 'level I' evidence. They may show either positive trends that are not statistically significant or no trends and are associated with a high risk of false-negative results
  III Evidence is based on non-randomised controlled or cohort studies, case series, case-control studies or cross-sectional studies
  IV Evidence is based on non-randomised, historical controls and expert opinion
  V Evidence is based on case series, uncontrolled studies, and expert opinion