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Table 1 Common topics addressed by meta-analyses in the critical care literature

From: A systematic evaluation of the quality of meta-analyses in the critical care literature

Topic Number of reports
Nutrition 13
Fluid therapy 11
Central venous catheters 10
Traumatic brain injury 10
Variceal bleeding 9
Non-invasive ventilation 8
Selective decontamination 7
Oxygen delivery 6
Intervention in sepsis and septic shock 6
Cardiac arrest 5
Therapy for acute renal failure 4
Blood transfusion 3
Sedation 3
Low tidal volume ventilation 2
Eclampsia 2
Nitric oxide 2
Deep Venous Thrombosis prophylaxis 2
Heliox for acute asthma 2
Stress ulcer prophylaxis 2
Other issues 32