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Table 1 Causes of decreased intrathoracic compliance

From: Clinical review: Respiratory mechanics in spontaneous and assisted ventilation

Causes of decreased measured chest wall compliance Causes of decreased measured lung compliance
Obesity Tension pneumothorax
Ascites Mainstem intubation
Neuromuscular weakness (Guillain–Barre, steroid myopathy, etc.) Dynamic hyperinflation
Flail chest (mediastinal removal) Pulmonary edema
Kyphoscoliosis Pulmonary fibrosis
Fibrothorax Acute respiratory distress syndrome
Pectus excavatum Langerhans cell histiocytosis
Chest wall tumor Hypersensitivity pneumonitis
Paralysis Connective tissue disorders
Scleroderma Sarcoidosis
  Cryptogenic organizing pneumonitis
  Lymphangitic spread of tumor
  1. Shown are the causes of decreased intrathoracic compliance, partitioned into causes of decreased measured chest wall compliance and causes of decreased measured lung compliance.