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Table 2 Major themes identified during focus group discussions

From: Prospective evaluation of an internet-linked handheld computer critical care knowledge access system

Theme Details
Benefits of handheld system Small size and portability
  Pharmaceutical information
  Literature updates
Preferences for information content Require more specialty (critical care)-specific content
  Require more practical treatment-based information
  Prefer all content in a single application
Barriers to the use of handhelds Small text fonts for reading
  Technical problems, predominantly battery discharge
  Inability to access information rapidly:
     Inadequate search engine
     Unfamiliarity with layout of content
  Errors during text entry using handwriting recognition
  Prefer 'all-in-one' solution (e.g. pager, e-mail, physician billing)
Comparison with other information resources Desktop computer often preferable
  Preferred desktop information resources
     PubMed (Medline literature search)
     Google (internet search engine)
     UpToDate (electronic textbook)