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Table 2 Major themes identified during focus group discussions

From: Prospective evaluation of an internet-linked handheld computer critical care knowledge access system



Benefits of handheld system

Small size and portability


Pharmaceutical information


Literature updates

Preferences for information content

Require more specialty (critical care)-specific content


Require more practical treatment-based information


Prefer all content in a single application

Barriers to the use of handhelds

Small text fonts for reading


Technical problems, predominantly battery discharge


Inability to access information rapidly:


   Inadequate search engine


   Unfamiliarity with layout of content


Errors during text entry using handwriting recognition


Prefer 'all-in-one' solution (e.g. pager, e-mail, physician billing)

Comparison with other information resources

Desktop computer often preferable


Preferred desktop information resources


   PubMed (Medline literature search)


   Google (internet search engine)


   UpToDate (electronic textbook)