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Table 1 Prospective tracking of the utilization of handheld applications

From: Prospective evaluation of an internet-linked handheld computer critical care knowledge access system

Handheld application Number of accesses/month
  Median IQR
Personal information management
   Date book 11.7 1.6–47.7
   Address book 8.9 1.5–48.7
   To Do List 9.8 4.0–17.7
   Note Pad 6.0 2.3–11.3
   Memo Pad 0.4 0–4.0
Medical information
iSilo (Critical Care, Whats New) 3.0 1.5–5.6
Med Calc 0.9 0.4–1.3
PEPID 0.2 0–4.2
  1. Data were collected from 10 participants who used their handheld devices on a regular basis (i.e. updated their handheld device at least monthly for 6 months) IQR, interquartile range.