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Table 1 Patient characteristics and clinical outcomes for study cohort (n = 74)

From: Tracheostomy timing and the duration of weaning in patients with acute respiratory failure

Patient characteristic  
   Gender, male 49 (66%)
   Age (years) 47 (35–56)
   Multiple trauma victim 48 (66%)
   Number of days from intubation to meeting readiness-to-wean criteria 4 (3–6)
   Number of days from meeting readiness-to-wean criteria to starting weaning 1 (0–3)
Clinical outcomes  
   Number of days of mechanical ventilation 12 (8–21)
   Number of days weaning 4 (2–13)
   Tracheostomy 46 (62%)
   Fatigue during weaning 36 (49%)
   Pneumonia 20 (27%)
   Successful liberation from mechanical ventilation 68 (92%)
   Lived 69 (93%)
  1. Continuous data are presented as medians (interquartile ranges). Categorical data are presented as number (percentage). The large percentage of males and the relatively young age reflect the number of trauma victims cared for in our intensive care unit.