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Table 2 Selected studies of anti-inflammatory effects of beta agonists in acute lung injury

From: Science review: Mechanisms of beta-receptor stimulation-induced improvement of acute lung injury and pulmonary edema

Study Model Treatment Effect
Perkins and colleagues, 2003 [54] Human neutrophils Salbutamol Inhibited chemotaxis
Sekut and colleagues, 1995 [47] Lipopolysaccharide-activated THP1 cells Salmeterol, salbutamol Inhibited TNF-α
Dhingra and colleagues, 2001 [46] Murine sepsis Dobutamine, dopexamine Attenuated inflammatory cytokine expression and chemokines induction
Van der Poll and colleagues, 1994 [48] Lipopolysaccharide-stimulated macrophages Norepinephrine Decreased TNF-α, IL-6
Van der Poll and Lowry, 1997 [49] Human endotoxemia Epinephrine Increased IL-10
  1. TNF-α, tumor necrosis factor alpha.