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Table 1 Inclusion criteria:

From: Reversal of intractable circulatory failure complicating septic shock with short time high volume haemofiltration (ST-HV-CVVH) after failure of conventional therapy: a prospective evaluation

1) Haemodynamic status Mean arterial pressure : <55 mmHg
  Inotropic support: after failure of maximal dosages of dopamine as last step, epinephrine was used up to
     (1 st step) (15 μg/kg/min), dobutamine-epinephrine (2d step) 0.5 μg/kg/min for more than 2 h without
     (15 μ/kg/min and 1 μg/kg/min respectively). results.
  Cardiac index <2 l/min/m2
  Wedge pressure >14<18 mmHg
2) Acid-base balance Arterial pH <7.15
  Serum lactate >5 mmol/l
3) Septic status SIRS criteria 3 out of 4
  Objective source of sepsis Always present
4) Respiratory support Mechanical ventilation All the patients
  paO2/FiO2 ratio <100
5) Renal status   No incidence on the inclusion criteria