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Table 2 Demographic and clinical data of patients interviewed 1 week after intensive care unit discharge

From: Application of the Italian version of the Intensive Care Unit Memory tool in the clinical setting

Parameter Value
Number of patients 93
Male sex 56 (60.2%)
Age (years) 66.4 ± 14.8
Age range 20–89
At ICU admission  
   APACHE II score 14 (11–18)
   SAPS II score 34 (28–41)
   PHM according to SAPS II 15.3 (8.8–26.6)
Duration (days) of  
   Artificial ventilation 5.7 ± 9.6
   Artificial ventilation range 0–64
   ICU stay (mean [range]) 8.5 ± 10.9 (3–72)
Number of patients according to reason for ICU admission  
   Peritonitis/abdominal abscess/pancreatitis 13
   Left ventricular failure 12
   Acute respiratory failure (PaO2/FiO2 < 200) 10
   Exacerbation of COPD 10
   Shock 7
   Trauma 7
   Pneumonia 5
   Cardiac arrhythmia 5
   Gastric haemorrhage 2
   Hepatic failure 2
   Admissions after surgery (non emergent) 20
  1. Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation (APACHE) II, Simplified Acute Physiology Score (SAPS) II, and predicted hospital mortality (PHM) according to SAPS II are reported as median (interquartile range). COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; FiO2, fractional inspired oxygen; ICU, intensive care unit; ICUM, Intensive Care Unit Memory (tool); PaO2, arterial oxygen tension.