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Table 1 Summary of items included in the intensive care unit memory tool

From: Application of the Italian version of the Intensive Care Unit Memory tool in the clinical setting

Period/objective Item Details
Before ICU admission 1 Do you remember being admitted to hospital?
  2 Can you remember the time in hospital before you were admitted to intensive care?
During ICU stay 3 Do you remember being in intensive care?
  4a Do you remember the whole stay clearly?
  4b What do you remember? (A checklist of 11 factual events, six feelings and four delusional memories to increase recall of ICU stay is included; see Table 3)
  5 Do you remember being transferred from intensive care to the general wards?
Identify PTSD-related symptoms 6 Have you had any unexplained feelings of panic or apprehension?
  7 Have you had any intrusive memories from your time in hospital or of the event that led to your admission?
  1. PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder.