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Table 1

From: A decade with Falciparum Malaria in the ICU

Drug(s) used Year Complication Comments
Mefloquine 1993–1997 Prolonged parasitemia High incidence of drug resistance and side effects
Mefloquine + others 1993–1997 Nausea, vomiting High incidence of gastro side effects
Mefloquine + others + Quinine and outcome 1993–1997 Vomiting, intolerance Neither cost nor time effective, unpredictable response
Quinine 1993–1999 Mainly GI in PO administration Better results in all types except MOF/shock
Artesunate 2000–2002 Virtually nil Drastic reduction of parasite index
Artemether 2000–2002   
Quinine + Artesunate 1999–2002 Virtually nil; noteworthy is no prolongation of QT interval Best combination to date; reserved for P.I. > 4%, failure to reduce P.I. by 25% in 48 hours and shock