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Table 1 Call to action: the Surviving Sepsis six-point action plan

From: The Surviving Sepsis Campaign: raising awareness to reduce mortality

Issue Details
Awareness Increase awareness of health care professionals, governments, health and funding agencies, and the public of the high frequency and mortality associated with sepsis
Diagnosis Improve the early and accurate diagnosis of sepsis by developing a clear and clinically relevant definition of sepsis and disseminating it to our peers
Treatment Increase the use of appropriate treatments and interventions by disseminating the range of care options and urging their timely use
Education Encourage the education of all health care professionals who manage sepsis patients by providing leadership, support and information to them about all aspects of sepsis management, including diagnosis, treatments and interventions, and standards of care
Counselling Provide a framework for improving and accelerating access to post-ICU care and counselling for sepsis patients
Referral Recognize the need for clear referral guidelines that are accepted and adopted at a local level in all countries by initiating the development of global guidelines
  1. Data from Surviving Sepsis [6]. ICU, intensive care unit.