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Table 2 Some interventions that have not been shown to be useful in large multicenter trials targeting mortality.

From: Paradigm shifts in critical care medicine: the progress we have made

• Tight blood glucose control
• Growth hormone
• Intraaortic balloon counterpulsation
• ScvO2 monitoring
• Glutamine administration
• Blood transfusions
• Albumin solutions
• Steroids in septic shock
• Early parenteral nutrition
• NOS inhibitor in septic shock
• Hemoglobin solution in polytrauma
• HES solutions for fluid therapy
• Glutamine supplementation
• Beta-stimulants in ARDS
• Activated protein C in sepsis
• Bicarbonate in metabolic acidosis
• High-frequency ventilation in ARDS
• Antioxidant supplementation
• Craniectomy in severe brain injury
• Talactoferrin in sepsis
• Embolectomy in stroke
• Pulmonary artery catheter
  1. ARDS acute respiratory distress syndrome, HES hydroxyethyl starch, NOS nitric oxide synthase, ScvO 2 central venous oxygen saturation