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Table 2 Proposed parameters for delivered dose assessment

From: Challenges and pitfalls when implementing renal replacement therapy in the ICU

Parameter Measurement Tools
Very small waste products K+, Na+, phosphate Blood levels of K, Na, PO4
   Phosphate clearance
  H- pH, HCO3 AG, SIDeff, SIDapp, SIG, Delta gap, Delta ratio
Small waste products Urea Clearance (ml/minute)
   EKR (ml/minute)
   Standard Kt/V
Middle sized molecules Serum β2-microglobulin β2-Microglobulin clearance
Fluid Weight (kg) Weight changes
  Inputs-outputs Fluid accumulation
  Bioelectrical impedance Fluid overload
  BNP Bioimpedance vector analysis
   BNP profile
  1. AG anion gap, BNP brain natriuretic peptide, EKR equivalent urea clearance, H- ions, HCO 3 bicarbonate, K potassium, Na sodium, PO 4 phosphate, SIDapp apparent strong ion difference, SIDeff effective strong ion difference