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Table 1 Hospital-discharge categories

From: Construct validity of the Chelsea critical care physical assessment tool: an observational study of recovery from critical illness

Survival categories 1. Home with no rehabilitation needs, considered the optimal outcome No community services accessed
2. Home with community support, this may vary from a full package of care to outpatient physiotherapy Package of care
Integrated care team
Domiciliary therapy
Outpatient therapy
3. A short-stay inpatient-rehabilitation facility (<6 weeks) An inpatient facility that had a maximum length of stay of 6 weeks.
4. A long-stay rehabilitation facility (>6 weeks) An inpatient facility that had an expected length of stay of more than 6 weeks.
5. Nursing-home level of care Ongoing daily nursing needs in a nursing home environment or home with a maximal-care package, including a hospital bed and hoist transfers.
Nonsurvival categories 1. Nonsurvival from ICU  
2. Nonsurvival from hospital