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Table 4 Intraclass correlation coefficients for neural (breathing) frequency (F N ) between manual (mean of four analyses) and automatic analysis with and without subventilatory effort defragmentation

From: An automated and standardized neural index to quantify patient-ventilator interaction

  ΔEAdi FN, automated analysis (0.5 μV + defragmentation)
FN, manual analysis All subjects 0.62
Excluding EAdi ≤ 1 μV 0.83
  Excluding EAdi ≤ 2 μV 0.96
  1. Determination coefficients were obtained for all subjects, and after exclusion of subjects with diaphragm electrical activity deflections (ΔEAdi) equal to or below 1 or 2 μV, respectively.
  2. Defragmentation, automated analysis with EAdi trigger of 0.5 μV excluding EAdi-detected breaths of less than 0.15 μV*s and pressure deflection trigger of 3.0 cm H2O ignoring pressure-detected breaths of less than 1.5 cm H2O*s.