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Table 3 Intraclass correlation coefficients for NeuroSync index between manual analyses (mean of four analyses by examiner 1 and 2) and automated detection

From: An automated and standardized neural index to quantify patient-ventilator interaction

  Manual analysis
(mean of all analyses)
Automatic analysis Trigger level (μV) 0.25 0.91
0.99 Defrag
0.50 0.97
0.95 Defrag
1.00 0.90
   0.88 Defrag
  1. Defrag, automated analysis excluding electrical activity of the diaphragm (EAdi)-detected breaths of less than 0.15 μV*s and pressure deflection trigger of 3.0 cm H2O, ignoring pressure-detected breaths of less than 1.5 cm H2O*s.