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Table 1 Asynchrony definitions for airway flow and pressure detection as described by Thille et al. [1], referred to as AI Thille

From: An automated and standardized neural index to quantify patient-ventilator interaction

Type of asynchrony Definition
Ineffective triggering An abrupt airway pressure drop (≥ 0.5 cmH2O) simultaneous to a flow decrease (in absolute value) and not followed by an assisted cycle during the expiratory period.
Double-triggering Two cycles separated by a very short expiratory time, defined as less than one-half of the mean inspiratory time, the first cycle being patient-triggered
Autotriggering A cycle delivered by the ventilator without a prior airway pressure decrease, indicating that the ventilator delivered a breath that was not triggered by the patient
Short cycle Inspiratory time less than one-half the mean inspiratory time
Prolonged cycle Inspiratory time greater than twice the mean inspiratory time