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Table 1 Acute organ dysfunction code for severe sepsis

From: Risk of developing severe sepsis after acute kidney injury: a population-based cohort study

Organ dysfunction Codes Code description
Cardiovascular 458.0 Hypotension, postural
  458.8 Hypotension, specified type, not elsewhere classified
  458.9 Hypotension, arterial, constitutional
  785.5 Shock
  785.51 Shock, cardiogenic
  785.59 Shock, circulatory or septic
  796.3 Hypotension, transient
Respiratory 518.81 Acute respiratory failure
  518.82 Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)
  518.85 ARDS after shock or trauma
  786.09 Respiratory insufficiency
  799.1 Respiratory arrest
  96.7 (96.71, 96.72) Ventilator management
  96.04 Endotracheal intubation (emergency procedure)
  93.9 Continuous positive airway pressure
Renal 580.x Acute glomerulonephritis
  584.x Acute renal failure
  586 Renal shutdown, renal failure unspecified
  39.95 Hemodialysis
Hepatic 570 Acute hepatic failure or necrosis
  572.2 Hepatic encephalopathy
  573.3 Hepatitis (septic and not elsewhere classified)
  573.4 Hepatic infarction
Neurologic 293 Transient organic psychosis
  348.1 Anoxic brain injury
  348.3 Encephalopathy, acute
  780.01 Coma
  780.09 Altered consciousness, unspecified
  89.14 Electroencephalography
Hematologic 286.2 Disseminated intravascular coagulation
  286.6 Purpura fulminans
  286.9 Coagulopathy
  287.3-5 Thrombocytopenia, primary, secondary or unspecified
  790.92 Abnormal coagulation profile
Metabolic 276.2 Acidosis, metabolic or lactic